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fl studio reviewSo you want to become a professional musician or beat maker but the lack of relevant skills and knowledge scares you? Don’t get upset: modern technology and software allow you make music without any skills. You need a little patience and perseverance, a willingness to learn and cognize something new.

FL Studio software from Image-Line made a real revolution in the world of portable home studio software for recording and sound editing. This is all-in-one solution that is needed to make a full track from beginning to end.

All the required tools like synthesizers (TS404, 3xOsc, BooBass, FL Keys, Fruity DrumSynth Live etc), drum machines and samplers, processing plugins (Fruity Compressor, Fruity Vocoder, Fruity Flanger etc), samples and necessary features has been already included by developers, but if you want you can use third-party plugins and import samples.

FL Studio allows you to create anything you want – House, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Dubstep, Techno or any genre of music.

So, why FL Studio is so popular? At first, this is a simple technology, designed for novice musicians who want to use their computer as the music station. The application has nice and very user friendly interface in comparison with other similar DAWs.

Making music in FL Studio is really easy and fun. You just need to choose synthesizer, create melody using piano roll (draw notes) or record it using your keyboard (like Dubturbo) and arrange it in the playlist.

fl studio review

As a result, you get a few tracks with drums and melodies which you can mix by changing volume and pan. Moreover, you can add as many tracks as you want (limited only by PC memory).

Also you have an ability to process each track with different built-in plugins like distortion (Fruity Blood Overdrive, Fruity Fast Dist), delay (Fruity Delay 2), reverb (Fruity Reeverb 2), chorus (Fruity Chorus) etc, but you must be careful not to make things worse with this tools. Using these plugins requires some knowledge on how and where to use them to get good results. Built-in synthesizers have its own presets with different types of sounds (bass, synth, pads etc) that you can use in your tracks but you should learn how to work with all these knobs and buttons to make your own sounds. Don’t be afraid, you can find a lot of free tutorials on these plugins and synthesizers on YouTube for free. It just requires some time and practice.

fl studio review

Also FL Studio supports VST technology. That means you can additionally install virtual synthesizers and virtual processing units (equalizers, compressors, reverbs, delays etc). Some of them emulate real hardware and sound just like real ones. Most of them are paid but you can find a lot of quality VST instruments and effects for free.

So, if you are serious about music production FL Studio will be one of your best investments. It takes time to learn, but it is worth it – if you learn how to work with it you can do anything!

We highly recommend this program as the next step once you become a Dubturbo guru. Of course FL Studio much complicated software but this is due to the number of features and functions.


- PC only

- Requires special knowledge in mixing and mastering.

- Requires time to understand how to work with all of these plugins and features.


- Low price in comparison with professional studio sequencers such as Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools and Logic Pro.

- External MIDI controllers support

- MIDI files import and export

- VST technology support

- Third-party plugins support